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Aerodrome, Amritsar

Where high-fliers have their office

Aerodrome Amritsar - Commercial Office Space

Rapid advancements in technology and the influx of global business processes has changed the way people live, work and play across the nation. And this change is not just in mindset or in the way people work. It is in where they work and earn their livelihood & how fast they connect with the world markets. Amritsar too is ready for change. And a big step towards that change is The AERODROME BUSINESS & SHOPPING CENTRE, advantageously located in the Airport environs. Backed by the 40 year old Ansal API lineage, it is a change that empowers your business for growth and success.

Retail spaces - luxurious, inviting. Enabling profitability.

Aerodrome Centre like all Ansal API developments is abreast with the world's best and promises to set new standards in the quality of retail & trade spaces in Amritsar. It is a pioneering effort towards redefining the way people work, do business and shop in Amritsar. The 3 floors dedicated to Retail Shops are spacious, luxurious, fully air-conditioned and enable an international standard shopping experience, setting the mood for the buyer, thus facilitating easier selling. Inside the complex, with all the benefits of modern convenience in place, the endearing feel of traditional Amritsar lifestyle still lingers.

Corporates worldwide attach greatest value to the image they project. You too will be known by the company you keep.

Office spaces - productive. convenient. connecting you to the world.

  • High floor-to-floor height
  • Larger column free span
  • 100% power backup
  • Central air-conditioning
  • Multi-level car parking
  • State-of-the-art networking facilities
  • 24X7 support infrastructure ensure business continuity and uninterrupted operations


For any city, an international airport is the hub of businesses like Airlines, Exports, Logistics, Tourism, Banking, Financial services & trade. Amritsar International Airport is fast taking its rightful place as the gateway to North India and as the driver of economic activity. With its strategic location near the airport, the Aerodrome promises to catapult your business to new heights. It is designed to help new businesses and companies grow in its developed spaces, while at the same time providing home-grown businesses, room to expand in a world-class environment.


Worldwide, proximity to a Five Star Hotel adds vitality to any business or commercial enterprise. It presents numerous direct and indirect benefits, which guide the decision makings of corporates and individuals alike. Similarly, the Aerodrome Centre benefits from the presence of the Radisson and a second business hotel in its very premises. The hotels not only provide comfort and facilities at a moment's notice, but also become the originator and source of business for the ventures located at the Aerodrome Centre. It will thus serve as a catalyst to transform Amritsar from a traditional trade centre to the economic engine for retail, trade and export oriented businesses of tomorrow.


You can now have the best of both the worlds. More prosperous and up market households in the vicinity means more commercial opportunities. Elegant and contemporary residences, apartments and farmhouses are at a stone's throw from the Aerodrome Centre. The airport road makes a natural extension of the posh residential localities like Ranjit Avenue & Green Avenue - offering a rich life to its residents.


Featuring landscaped gardens, open spaces and peaceful courtyards, the proposed Ansal API Hyde Park Group Housing township will provide a welcome lifestyle option to the upwardly mobile. Physically near yet far from the 24-hour hustle & bustle of the old Amritsar town. You too can actually live here and walk to work, be far away from the maddening market crowds and sounds and do good business too.


Founded in 1967 it carries with it a unique and long heritage in real estate development. Today Ansal API is a complete Real Estate Solution Provider, with extensive experience in managing all details of the development process from property acquisition, design and project finance through construction, marketing and property management. The firm's project folio spans residential townships & towers, commercial, corporate & business suites, shopping malls, multiplexes and IT parks. To date, Ansal API has developed over 6,000 acres of integrated townships, 20 million sq.ft. of commercial & retail space, SEZ and housing projects in excess of 30 million sq.ft. The future projects of our 1000 strong team of highly skilled professionals have an aggregate valuation of a staggering Rs.26,000 crore.

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